What is Flower Jade

What is Flower Jade

Sandrine Sandrine March 18, 2024 0 Comments blog


What is Flower Jade : 

The beautiful and rare Marsden Flower Jade. Named after the valley it is found in (Marsden, area of the West Coast of New-Zealand) and the beautiful flower like patterns that spring from its depths. It is one of the rarest pounamu and highly sought after. Flower Jade represent only 2% of all the jade sourced in New-Zealand 🇳🇿

Distinct to New Zealand and only found in pounamu that comes from the Marsden region, flower jade is some of the most desirable of all NZ greenstone. Our artists use these natural inclusions when crafting pieces to frame their designs and make the best of such beautiful stone.

Because of its beauty and its popularity, Flower Jade has become harder to found and the demand is so hight that the value keeps increasing. A very special taonga to pass on from one generation to another ⭐️


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