Planter Mac the Turtle

Planter Mac the Turtle


Size: 19 x 13 x 11 cm

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The Planter Mac the Turtle White is moulded through the use of pure quality ceramic material in the shape and form of a turtle. This turtle themed planter is not only decoratively charming, but also highly functional for use in displaying various plants.

You must already know that turtles are amazing creatures with long life. But, did you know that apart from having long lifespans, they have also been on earth for as long as when the Dinosaurs once roamed the earth? It is therefore these ancient, long lived species that influence the design of this Planter Mac the Turtle White. The planter is made in such a way that the shell-like top is cut open so that plants of various kinds can be displayed in it.


Handcrafted and Painted item – imperfections will be found this is part of the uniqueness of the product.


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