High-Quality NZ Abalone – Paua Shell Tumbled Pieces – Rims

High-Quality NZ Abalone – Paua Shell Tumbled Pieces – Rims


Choose your size bag of tumbled paua shell

Rims – between 20 to 50 mm

Choose a 50 or 200 grammes bag.


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Beautiful and shiny hand sorted tumbled paua shell. Rims : between 20 to 50 mm


Like the small pieces of shell washed up on beaches, Seashell Story Tumbled Shell Pieces are formed by a similar ocean tumbling process. The edges are smoothed and lime on the back of the abalone shell is naturally removed, in a process involving only water, shells and movement. 

All have a satin finish which brings up an attractive level of sheen that enhances the natural shell colour, to a point where no refinishing is needed. The process of crushing and tumbling the paua shell for a long period of time produces a variation of shapes and sizes.

Shell pieces bring nature’s irregularities to the urban environment with their organic shapes. Used by designers and crafty people around the world, shell pieces add both beauty and value. The design possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Every single piece of shell is nice and smooth ready to work with. It is ideal to use for craft work, jewellery making, wood work, fish tanks, decoration…

Rims – between 20 – 50mm.

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