Kahotea – Breastplate – Pounamu – NZ Jade – Greenstone


Kahotea – Breastplate – Pounamu – NZ Jade – Greenstone

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Unique Kahotea Pounamu Breastplate

Size : 6 x 2.7 cm


Unique Kahotea Pounamu

Beautiful New Zealand Pounamu By Ngai Tahu, Te Wahi Pounamu

Your Pounamu will come with a card identifying your Pounamu with the name “Kahotea” and a website that will tell you about your stone and link to the map, that will indicate the area where your Pounamu comes from, in some cases, some information about the carver as well.

Your Pounamu has an adjustable wax cotton cord and is boxed.

Breastplate :

The breastplate acts as a physical and symbolic shield and is thought to be a protective talisman. It represents strength, resilience, and the ability to shield oneself from negative energies or harm.

Size : 6 x 2.7 cm


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