Genuine Fossil Otodus obliquus – Sharks Tooth

Genuine Fossil Otodus obliquus – Sharks Tooth


Fossil Sharks Tooth
Otodus obliquus

Length Approx 4 cm



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Fossil Sharks Tooth
Otodus obliquus.
50 million years old.
Eocene epoch.
Oued Zem, Khouribga Phosphate deposits, Morocco.

Related to both the contemporary Great White Shark and the extinct Carcharocles megalodon.

Length Approx 4 cm

The fossils are boxed and labelled. Ideal for your collection… or superb gifts for the geologist in your life!

All of our products are guaranteed genuine.

Please note each fossil is unique. Colours and patterns will differ with each piece. If you would like a selection to choose from, please get in touch.


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