About Seashell Story

Meet Sandrine

Seashell story is owned and operated by Sandrine Day. She is a self-confessed ocean-lover and has always been fascinated by its beauty. Ever since she was a little girl, she has collected sea shells and turned them into jewellery. She continued to be involved with the ocean as she travelled the world, working on cruise ships and as an underwater photographer.

It wasn’t until Sandrine travelled to New Zealand though, that she truly found her calling. She quickly fell in love with two things: a local man to who she is now happily married with two beautiful boys AND the unique paua shell with its blue pearls.

Sandrine then began to take these stunning and truly unique paua shells and turn them into homemade candles. She opened up her own stall selling this product and other trinkets. The community responded very positively, and her stall got bigger and prettier over time.

The next chapter of the story began after the Kaikoura Earthquake of 2016. As is often the case, some good comes from the bad, and Sandrine seized an opportunity to set up a permanent shop from a repurposed shipping container. And after over 6 years running this small business, summer 2024 was the last summer in this amazing location as the all the containers had to go.

Seashell Story remains online and prides itself on being the only seashell online store in New Zealand.