Seashell Story

Seashell Story provides a wide variety of seashells, coastal decors, crystals, fossils, jewellery, Pounamu and more.

Our customers include collectors, teachers, crafters, designers, event planners…

Seashell Story sources popular, beautiful, and unique natural treasures from New-Zealand and around the world through many suppliers.

We deliver exceptional service, straightforward communication, very careful packing, and attention to details.

Seashell Story unique products brings joy and beauty of the ocean to our many new and returning online customers.

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21 amazing facts about Paua

1- “The mutton fish” was how the Europeans called it, before the Maori word “paua” was picked up in the 1840s. 2- The Paua is one of the most expensive seafood in the world, even in New Zealand, restaurants pay $90 a kilogram for frozen paua. 3- Nothing gets left behind in the Paua shell industry […]

What’s the story with seashells?

Here at Seashell Story, we really do sell seashells by the seashore. Of course, we sell a lot of cool products, but a big part of this shop’s identity is our massive stock of seashells. This stock comes in all shapes and sizes, including both locally found treasures and quality products shipped in from overseas […]

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